Front-end review for the whole team.

Spin up environments for every branch automatically.

Gather team feedback
earlier in the dev cycle.

Without dependencies
or browser extensions.

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Built for Front-end Developers

Collect implementation feedback as early as possible

Connect your front-end repo to FeaturePeek, and we'll spin up your feature branches in a dedicated environment every time you open a pull request.

Get feedback from your whole team faster by sharing the link to review visually before waiting on code review.

Built for UX Designers

Ensure your actual designs ship

Iterate more quickly by leaving feedback on your implemented designs before code lands on your staging or QA server.

Take screenshots of an HTML element on the page, and it'll be saved as a comment on the open pull request — even if you don't have a GitHub account.

Built for Project Managers

Prevent last-minute scrambles at the end of your release cycle

Catch mistakes earlier in your sprint cycle, before code lands on the default branch.

Since each feature branch on FeaturePeek runs in its own isolated environment, your team will run into fewer integration bugs when deploying to production.

Designed for GitHub.

Integrates with everything else.

FeaturePeek plugs in with familiar tools so you can continue to use the services that you've come to know and love. Since FeaturePeek is designed to be platform agnostic, we can tie into what you already have for a seamless setup.

From Continuous Integration services to container registries, and from bug tracking platforms to getting notified in Slack, we've got you covered.


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