Automatic feature environments for every branch

Shorten feedback loops between design and engineering teams by getting a link to your feature before you merge your branch.

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Get feedback from your designers without waiting on code review

Don't conduct code review before getting design feedback — if there's a change requested, you'll have to go through code review again. Get design feedback while you're waiting on code review, asynchronously.

Save time during your release cycle

Catch mistakes earlier in the release cycle, before code lands on the master branch. Since each feature environment runs in isolation, you'll run into fewer integration bugs when verifying implementations.

Peek into works in progress

A birds-eye view of every running environment lets you keep tabs on your team's progress without bothering them or asking for status updates. No need to checkout branches locally — each running environment is a click away.

Comments on pull requests

Get a link to your feature environment right on your PR as soon as it is ready.

What you see is what you deploy

Never make the "well it works on my machine" excuse again.

Stay notified

Connect to tools and services you already use like Slack and Trello to stay in the loop.


Monorepos, Docker containers, static builds — we support many types of front-end projects.


Point parts of your stack to your servers, or to other running environments on FeaturePeek.

Private by default

Your running environments are only accessible by your team by default.

Ties in with familiar tools

FeaturePeek integrates with many tools and services you already use.

Coming early 2019

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