FeaturePeek Indie runs in your CLI

Review your static site with a single command


A floating UI overlays your deployments

and makes it easy for reviewers to leave feedback.

Get implementation feedback from stakeholders sooner

Collect feedback from all stakeholders faster by sharing a link to review visually before code review.

Don't wait for code review to finish before getting implementation feedback from Design — if there's a change requested, you'll have to go through code review again.

Instead, get feedback from designers while you're waiting on code review so that you aren't scrambling at the end of a release.

Visual code review

Get your reviewers' browser metadata automatically

No more following-up with bug originators about the browser they were using or the URL where the bug occurred.

Commenting on a screenshot or annotation automatically sends along the user's relevant environment metadata like browser version and viewport dimensions.

Capture sessions

See your build on another machine before committing to the main branch

There are a slew of reasons why something could work on your laptop, but be busted when it hits the server: local fonts missing, global dependencies not installed, etc.

By using FeaturePeek, you get a preview of how it will look on the server before merging anything to the default branch.

Kiss the "well it works on my machine" excuse goodbye.

Preview on server

Confirm that reviewers are actually running your code

Each deployment shows the amount of times its been accessed, and by which browsers, so you'll have a sense of how much manual test coverage went into each branch.

Run latest master