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Product Updates: @mention teammates, pre-fill Clubhouse bug reports, new integrations page

December 04, 2020

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💬 Grab your teammate's attention with @mentions

Go ahead and type the at-sign (@) when you're leaving a comment or creating an issue — you'll be presented with a list of your team members' usernames, just as you'd expect. The list populates from the service in context; @replying on a commit will pull names from GitHub, on a Trello card will pull names from Trello, etc. Selecting a name in the list will autocomplete their handle for you, and when you submit, the user will receive a notification on that service.

FeaturePeek mentions

📈 Create Linear issues directly from FeaturePeek

With our new Linear integration, you can easily file new issues to your projects and cycles directly from FeaturePeek. You can add screenshot and screen recording attachments, and your browser metadata will be sent along automatically too. The labels, statuses, and priorities that your team has established will be carried over to FeaturePeek when you load the Linear pane in the FeaturePeek drawer.

🛣 Select destinations for your screenshots and recordings

Previously, taking a new screenshot or screen recording would default to pasting the image markdown in a new comment on the commit / pull request. Now you can select where you want to send the attachment, including any third-party integrations that you have set up.

📋 Pre-fill your bug reports with Clubhouse story templates

Do you use Clubhouse as an issue tracker? If so, save time pre-filling fields in your bug reports by selecting one of your team's templates. You'll need to enable Story Templates in your Clubhouse workspace first. Once you do that, the templates you create will appear at the top of the Clubhouse pane in the FeaturePeek drawer. It's a great way to get everyone on your team to follow a consistent format.

☀️ Streamlined integrations page

Your team's integrations page has a brand new look. Easily add integrations with third-party services like Trello, Monday, and Clubhouse with just a few clicks. Our streamlined integrations page lets you connect to familiar productivity and issue tracking services via a secure OAuth flow. The best part? Once your favorite third-party tools are integrated, you can create new issues/tickets/cards directly from a FeaturePeek deployment.

🎙 ICYMI: Watch Jason Barry's "Automate and Deploy with GitHub Actions" Mintbean workshop

FeaturePeek co-founder and Head of Product Jason Barry introduced new Mintbean developers to GitHub Actions and then walks through the steps to automate and deploy a web page with GitHub Actions and FeaturePeek. Find out why we're so excited about our partnership with Mintbean, then go follow along with Jason's tutorial by checking out his GitHub Actions Starter Pack.

Jason Barry, a frontend developer and cofounder of FeaturePeek, introduces new developers to GitHub Actions and walks through the steps to automate and deploy a web page with GitHub Actions and FeaturePeek.
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