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Product Updates: Block merges, page views grouped by route, and more

March 06, 2020

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Product updates and highlights

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✋ Block a pull request from being merged

Proposed changes aren't up to snuff? Just like how you can request changes in a pull request review on GitHub, FeaturePeek now lets you block a pull request from a running environment — even if you aren't a member of your team's GitHub org. This helps give other people in the team more of a voice during the code review process. Empower your non-developer stakeholders by blocking a merge — just be sure to approve it once the changes meet your standards.

🛣 Page views grouped by route

Visits to your FeaturePeek environments are now grouped by the pages accessed, and subgrouped by reviewer and browser — making it easier to see who has given visual coverage where. Not only that, but the views update in real time as you navigate, so pull request authors will see exactly where you've confirmed their work.

✅ Safer environment variables

If you have secrets in your environment variables, fear not — they'll only get displayed at the time you enter them. For everyone else on your team, the values will be obfuscated by asterisks (like ********), so no one can snoop on your secret values. FeaturePeek also validates these entries to ensure that they'll propagate to your environments correctly.

💳 Simpler invoicing

Hey Business users: when you add a new member to your FeaturePeek team, you'll be charged for that seat as soon as they confirm their email address, and your billing anchor date will be extended by one month / one year (depending if you're on the monthly or annual plan). Existing seats will be prorated for any unused time. This makes it much easier to read and parse invoices on your team's billing page — no more confusing prorations lumped into one invoice. Check out our help desk for an example calculation.

⭐️ New demo

We've rolled out a new demo that walks you through some of the features and benefits of FeaturePeek without needing to create an account. Spread the word!

🌠 One more thing...

We've got a new command-line tool in the works, and would love your feedback on it! If you'd like to get early access, subscribe on our ProductHunt page

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