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Product Updates: Protected branches, error tracking, uploading attachments, and more

February 11, 2020

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🌳 Protected branches are always running

In addition to running environments for pull requests, FeaturePeek now runs an environment for the latest commit of your repo's default and protected branches, like master . This is great for spot-checking a release without running it locally. If you find a bug, you can create a new issue directly from the page! You'll need to ensure that your CI runs for the branches you want to visit on FeaturePeek, of course. Visit the Dashboard to see your project's latest commit up and running.

🧲 Capture JavaScript errors and exceptions

If any of your reviewers encounter a JavaScript exception, FeaturePeek will capture it and record its stacktrace. Details of who encountered the error and their browser metadata are automatically included — you can even jump to the page the error occurred on in one click. Find these error reports within the Activity pane of the widget in the bottom-left of every FeaturePeek environment.

⬆️ Upload image and video attachments from disk

You can generate screenshots and screen recordings with just a few clicks using FeaturePeek's UI — but what if you wanted to attach files that were already on your hard drive? Now it's as easy as drag-and-drop. Videos will automatically get converted into animated gifs so that they display inline on GitHub pull requests and issues.

🙋‍♂️ Help desk and status pages

We know that great support is paramount — that's why we've recently launched our help desk to answer frequently asked product questions, and our service status page to report uptime and any possible service interruptions. You can also access these resources in-app in the chat widget in the bottom-right corner of the Dashboard.

🌠 One more thing...

We've got a new command-line tool in the works, and would love your feedback on it! If you'd like to get early access, subscribe on our ProductHunt page

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