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Product Updates: New UI, Clubhouse integration, Slack unfurling, and more

May 01, 2020

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Product updates and highlights

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🌀 Link unfurling in Slack

Now when you share FeaturePeek links over Slack, you'll get a preview of extra metadata about your pull request. The thumbnail screenshot makes it even more fun to share links. Check out your integrations page to connect FeaturePeek to your team's Slack workspace.

🏁 Create stories in Clubhouse

With our new Clubhouse integration, you can easily save stories to your Clubhouse projects directly from FeaturePeek. You can file the stories under your epics and iterations, add screenshot and screen recording attachments, and your browser metadata will be sent along automatically too. It's a great way to encourage everyone on your team to follow the same bug report template when creating new stories. Head over to your integrations page to securely enter your Clubhouse API token.

👨‍🎨 Redesigned drawer UI

We're proud to release a completely redesigned FeaturePeek drawer! The unified drawer brings new functionality and improved UX. Comments, page views, issues, and more are all presented together in a timeline view, giving you a clearer overview of the progress of your branch's changes. You can file tickets to your connected integrations here too. Click the FeaturePeek button in the bottom left-hand corner to open up the new drawer, and be sure to tell us what you think of the design.

🤖 Compare head to base commit

When discovering a bug on your feature branch, you often wonder if the bug is caused by the latest changes, or if the bug was introduced from a previous merge. With FeaturePeek, comparing your builds of your app across revisions is as easy as clicking a link. Be on the lookout for the FeaturePeek logo next to a commit hash in the timeline view of the FeaturePeek drawer — clicking it will take you to your site as it existed at that revision, where you can compare your app's behavior to determine whether or not the bug came from your feature branch.

🌠 One more thing...

We've got a new command-line tool in the works, and would love your feedback on it! If you'd like to get early access, subscribe on our ProductHunt page

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