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Product Updates: Multiple front-ends, persistent logins, and streaming statuses

December 06, 2019

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Product updates and highlights

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🤹🏻‍♀️ Multiple front-ends per PR

Each pull request can now spin up multiple front-ends. This is great if you have additional front-end services (like Storybook) that you'd like to preview as well before merging your code in. Each front-end service appears in your GitHub PR statuses. Adding additional front-ends is as easy as adding a few keys in your peek.yml file — check out our documentation to see what to add to your config file.

🔑 Stay logged in to your app across FeaturePeek environments

If your front-end app authenticates with Auth0 or some other authentication mechanism, you will remain logged in to your account, even across FeaturePeek environments created from different pull requests. Whether your authentication token is saved in a cookie or local storage, you'll stay logged in for the duration your app specifies. Read about this and more in our changelog.

👮🏾‍♂️ Tighter CORS security for your apps

Now every project on FeaturePeek has an invariant origin URI, so your API can whitelist one specific FeaturePeek host instead of using a global wildcard. No matter the amounts of environments you spin up, each project will be hosted on a consistent subdomain. Previously, you had to whitelist *.app.featurepeek.com to enable CORS from FeaturePeek — now you can be more specific by allowing e.g. main-abcd123-example.app.featurepeek.com. Check your project settings in your dashboard to find out what your project's origin URI is.

💈 Streaming statuses

FeaturePeek now exposes more information about the status of your environments while they spin up and tear down. As they start up, you'll see a progress bar detailing the current step of the boot process in real-time. When it's ready, the screen will lift upwards, revealing your front-end's latest changes. This enables you to share FeaturePeek links before your environments have fully spun up. You don't have to wait for your CI to finish before asking for feedback from your reviewers. In the case of a boot error, you'll have more insight into what step went wrong and how you can fix it. Read our changelog for more details about streaming statuses.

💌 Weekly activity email digests

Wondering who on your team does the most spot-checking? Teams of three or greater now receive a summary of their weekly activity on FeaturePeek, like how many environments are created, who views the most pages, and how long it takes your team on average to merge in a PR. You can change your email preferences on your account settings page.

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