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Product Updates: Responsive mode, screenshot annotation, CLI, and more

June 05, 2020

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🚀 Use FeaturePeek in your CLI

Want to try out FeaturePeek on your codebase without installing a GitHub App or making any modifications to your Continuous Integration pipeline? Now you can interact with FeaturePeek directly from the command-line. This is the quickest way to deploy your static site on FeaturePeek for gathering feedback from anyone you'd like. Head on over to the FeaturePeek Indie product page to learn more.

📱 Responsive Mode

Test how your site responds to common viewport sizes by toggling on the new Responsive Mode. You'll get a preview of what your site looks like in common phone and tablet screen sizes, in both portrait and landscape mode. Sending a FeaturePeek link to someone includes the simulated device's dimensions, so you can ensure that you can send someone a live implementation at a given window size. Best of all, every page on FeaturePeek has a built-in QR code, making it easy to scan and test out your new changes on your real, physical device. Read more about Responsive Mode.

🖌 Screenshot annotation

Now when you take a screenshot using the FeaturePeek drawer, you'll be presented with a modal window that lets you crop, annotate, and mark up your screenshot. This is great if you want to quickly circle a portion of the page, or call out a specific UI element with an arrow. With one click, you can upload the annotated screenshot so that it can be included in a comment on the pull request.

🤝 Fundraising announcement

On the business side of things, we recently announced that we have raised a fundraising round of $1.8M led by Matrix Partners. This partnership ensures that we have the resources to continue building the features you care about and drive towards our mission of shortening feedback loops for product teams. Read more in the blog post by our CEO, Eric Silverman.

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