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Product Updates: Monday.com integration, proxies, and more

September 18, 2020

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🗓 Create tasks in your Monday.com workspaces

With our new Monday.com integration, you can easily save tasks to your boards and workspaces directly from FeaturePeek. You can file the tasks under your groups, add screenshot and screen recording attachments, and your browser metadata will be sent along automatically too. It's a great way to encourage everyone on your team to follow the same format when creating new tasks. Head over to your integrations page to securely enter your Monday.com access token.

🔙🔚 Proxy to your backend

If your project is static and you make requests to relative paths (e.g. /graphql) that are served by a separate API server, you can now serve those requests from your backend by enabling a proxy in your project settings. Enter the path to be forwarded and the full URL of the backend endpoint to forward to, and all requests to that path will be automatically proxied. Requests made to the proxy path will include any custom HTTP headers you provide. Head on over to our documentation to learn more.

🚢 Support for Azure Container Registry

We now support pulling docker images from Azure Container Registry. You can use any CI provider to push to ACR, although you'll have the most seamless experience when paired with Azure Pipelines.

🆕 Be sure you're viewing the latest deployment

Deployment previews that get triggered from pull requests in Continuous Integration have the same URL throughout the lifetime of the PR — they're guaranteed to always show the latest build. When using the CLI to deploy to FeaturePeek, you get a unique URL per commit, so that each commit has a deployment associated with it. If there's a newer commit on the same branch, viewers of the deployment will be notified that there's a newer version, so they can be sure they're looking at the latest changes.

🎓 Check out how easy it is to use FeaturePeek Indie

Hear from our Co-founder and Head of Product, Jason Barry (@jasonbarry) as he walks users through the FeaturePeek Indie CLI tool. In this six-minute video, Jason gives step-by-step instructions for getting started, so users never have to leave their terminal again to setup on-demand deployment previews.

Create on-demand frontend staging environments that make it easy for the whole team to review and leave feedback.

🤖 Mintbean.io JavaScript Campus Playoffs

FeaturePeek is sponsoring the upcoming JavaScript Campus Playoffs hackathon on September 25th, hosted by Mintbean.io. If you're a university/college student, bootcamp student, or recent grad, you can register your team here. Even if you won't be competing, anyone can stop in for the seminars and classes. See everyone there!

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