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Product Update: September

September 13, 2019

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Product updates and highlights

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🎬 Record a video of your screen

Just like how you can take a screenshot from a running FeaturePeek environment, you can now record your screen and post it as a gif in a pull request comment. Just click the new Record Screen button in the heads-up display – no third-party apps required! Read more details in our blog post

✨ Redesigned heads-up display

The floating widget that sits in the bottom-left of every running FeaturePeek environment just got a makeover. It shows you even more useful information at a glance, and is the home for actions like taking a screenshot or recording a video.

🎈 Browser notifications

On top of receiving team-wide notifications in a Slack channel, you can opt-in to receive browser notifications whenever an environment is ready to view. Since this is a user-level setting, you can control whether you want to be pinged when any environment spins up, or only when the environments you author spin up.

🔓 Toggle environments to be public

Want to share a link to your FeaturePeek environment with someone outside of your team? Now you can change a certain environment's setting to be public or private. Just click the lock icon in the new heads-up display.

⚙️ Support for more CI integrations

We've recently added support for AWS CodeBuild, Heroku CI, and Netlify continuous integration pipelines! Read our documentation to see a list of all of our supported CI providers. 

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