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Product Updates: Issues, measurement, markdown previews, and more

November 01, 2019

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Product updates and highlights

🚨 Create a new issue

Sometimes you'll find a bug unrelated to the pull request that you're reviewing. Instead of leaving a comment inline on the PR, you can now create a new issue on the repo itself – directly from the running FeaturePeek environment. You can assign members of your org, apply labels, and attach screenshots and screen recordings to your issue. Read our changelog for more details.

📐 Measure distance between elements

You can now hold down the ⌥ Option key (Alt key on Windows) to measure the pixel distance between elements, just like in Figma. Simply Option-click on any element, and hover over another — the X and Y values will be displayed on the screen.

💬 Preview markdown comments

You should feel right at home with our new comment form — it's modeled after GitHub's. Not only can you preview what your markdown-formatted comment will look like before you submit it, but you can also upload multiple attachments per comment or issue.

📝 Quick quote by selecting text

A quick way to leave feedback on the content of a page is to use the new Quick Quote tool. Just highlight any text on a page, and a Medium-style tooltip will appear. Select whether you'd like to create a new comment on the pull request or a new issue on the repo, and your selected text will be quoted for you. This is a great way to suggest copy edits to content writers on your team.

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