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Product Updates: Trello integration, GitHub Actions workflows, team owner controls, and more

April 03, 2020

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Product updates and highlights

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💙 Create cards on your Trello boards

With our new Trello integration, you can create and save cards to your Trello boards directly from FeaturePeek. You can add screenshot and screen recording attachments, and your browser metadata will be sent along automatically too. It's a great way to have everyone on your team follow the same bug report template when filing new cards. Head over to your integrations page to securely authenticate with Trello.

🎛 More membership control for team owners

We've enabled more granular controls for team owners, like being able to approve who on their team gets counted as a seat. Members can still join a team implicitly (by being in the same GitHub org, or opening a PR on a repo linked to a FeaturePeek team), but team owners won't be billed until they approve of the membership.

🛋 Pull request authors and seats

Hey Business users: now FeaturePeek environments will only come online if the pull request author has a paid seat on the team. For teams that collaborate with external clients, this will make pricing more manageable when working with outside collaborators. Head on over to your team members page to see if any of your teammates have a pending invitation.

⚙️ Automatic CI pipeline via GitHub Actions

Now it's easier than ever to get your existing front-end running on FeaturePeek, even if you haven't set up Continuous Integration before! With our new step in the project creation flow, you can choose GitHub Actions as a CI pipeline, and we'll create a workflow for you based on Node.js, Ruby, or Go templates. If you are building a docker container, we'll configure the workflow to push to the GitHub Packages container registry. Create a new project on the dashboard to see how easy it is.

🎁 Earn points for referring a friend

Know someone who could benefit from FeaturePeek? Perhaps a friend, a former colleague, or a family member? Invite them to create a team of their own, and you'll get points that can be redeemed in the future upon their signup. Head to your dashboard and click the "Refer a friend" heart in the nav to find your unique share link.

🌠 One more thing...

We've got a new command-line tool in the works, and would love your feedback on it! If you'd like to get early access, subscribe on our ProductHunt page

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