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Product Updates: Server logs, resolving comments, and more

October 02, 2019

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📖 Server logs with ANSI colors

Dockerized projects can now view the server logs that get written to stdout inside your container. If your logs contain ANSI escape sequences for controlling color, the colors will be preserved.

☑️ Mark PR comments as resolved

Once you've implemented a teammate's piece of feedback, it's helpful to mark their comment as resolved so that you know their feedback was addressed. By marking a comment as resolved, the content of the comment gets collapsed, saving vertical space in the pull request. You can always toggle comments between resolved and unresolved.

🤖 Filter out bots from dashboard

Is your team's dashboard filled with automated pull requests? We're looking at you, Dependabot! If so, now you can easily filter out whether an environment was created by a human on your team, or a bot.

📱 Mobile dashboard

We've tweaked our styles to look optimal for mobile displays — try loading the FeaturePeek dashboard on your phone!

🌎 CDN for faster load times

We've enabled better cacheability of our front-end assets on Google's global content delivery network. This means faster initial load times for all our users around the world!

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