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Product Updates: New notifications, copyedit mode, streamlined team onboarding

July 24, 2020

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Product updates and highlights

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🔴 See what's changed since you last viewed

Your team's dashboard is the best place to see a birds-eye view of all open pull requests across all your repos. Sometimes you just want to see the latest activity since the last time you checked in. Now, if there have been follow-up commits to a pull request since you last viewed its FeaturePeek deployment, or if someone has commented on a pull request you authored, you'll see a little red badge  in the top-left corner of the merge card. You can also filter to only show these newly-updated deployments by selecting the Updated since you last viewed filter.

📝 Copyedit Mode

Previewing edits to text content on the web has never been easier thanks to the new Copyedit Mode available in every FeaturePeek deployment. Just by clicking a button, you can edit any text on the page, while retaining its original styling. This is a great way to let non-technical stakeholders test copy variants using the page's actual styling. The copy edits won't be saved — it's just a preview — but if you'd like to propose your changes to the PR author, simply leave a comment with a screenshot in the FeaturePeek drawer.

👍 Thumbs-up when tagging the @featurepeek bot

If you set a branch pattern on your project, you know that you can tag @featurepeek to manually create a deployment preview on a PR, even if its branch doesn't match the pattern you have set. Now when you tag the @featurepeek bot in the pull request, you'll get a thumbs-up reaction on your comment, letting you know that we've received and are processing your request. This is particularly useful when setting an entry path too.

💼 Start a new Business team without a credit card

Every FeaturePeek team corresponds to either a personal account or an organization on GitHub. Starting a new team integrated with your company's GitHub organization is now even more streamlined as we no longer ask for a credit card up front. You can evaluate our Business plan of FeaturePeek Teams for two weeks completely free using your company's private repos. During your trial, you can enter a credit card at any time on your billing page. Don't forget — you can be on an unlimited amount of teams.

🎙 We're on the Software Engineering Daily podcast!

On the airwaves: Listen to host Jeff Meyerson discuss the pull request lifecycle with our CEO Eric Silverman on the July 6th episode of the Software Engineering Daily podcast (48m). Jeff and Eric speak about the details of the modern release workflow, talk about product vision, and dive into the tech stack of frontend and backend development at FeaturePeek. Give it a listen!

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