Make deployment previews your hub for continuous product review.

Setup instructions

From static sites to Dockerized web apps, FeaturePeek Teams supports various types of frontend architectures.

  • 1. Install our GitHub App on your repo
  • 2. Check in a YAML file to your repo root
  • 3. Ping our service after your build phase in CI
  • 4. Open a new pull request and celebrate 🎉

Install our app on your GitHub organization or repo. This lets us listen to webhooks and gives us permission to comment on your pull requests. You can install the app on a single repo or on your org itself — it's up to you.

Check in a config file to your repo root. For each project you want on FeaturePeek, check in a peek.yml file to your repo root. You can track an unlimited number of projects on FeaturePeek.

Ping our service after your build phase. Tell us when your pull request builds are ready by pinging our service. Our one-line command works on all of the popular Continuous Integration platforms and container registries.

Open a new pull request. That's it! Every new pull request opened will link to a corresponding FeaturePeek deployment. You can also view all of your open deployments on your FeaturePeek dashboard.

Product FAQs

How does FeaturePeek work with frontends that depend on backend services?

You can set environment variables to be the base URL of existing backend services that you host. Each FeaturePeek project has a single unique domain that you can whitelist in order to allow CORS requests or OAuth callbacks.

Can I have an always-running deployment of a branch, or are deployments only tied to pull requests?

Yes, you can have a FeaturePeek deployment that always points to the latest commit of a given branch, in addition to deployments from pull requests. To do this, you must make the branch a protected branch in the repo's settings on GitHub, and ensure that CI runs your build command and pings FeaturePeek when that branch gets merged.

Can I run FeaturePeek from the command line?

Yes — take a look at FeaturePeek Indie.

When do FeaturePeek deployments shut down?

FeaturePeek automatically spins deployments up and down based on the lifecycle of its associated pull request. After a pull request gets merged or closed, its deployment shuts down after a 24-hour grace period. Once a deployment is shutdown, it can be manually spun up at the click of a button.

How do I use FeaturePeek with a monorepo?

Place your peek.yml file at the root of your monorepo, and build your frontend in CI as you normally would. If the frontend changes you're introducing require a backend component in the same PR, merging the backend change first so that you can preview your frontend changes on FeaturePeek.

Do people on my FeaturePeek team need to be in my GitHub org?

Nope! You can invite anyone you'd like to your FeaturePeek team, whether or not they are in your GitHub org. Your FeaturePeek team can be a subset of your organization as well — you control the granularity of who you'd like to invite.

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