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Everything you need to get started with FeaturePeek Teams.

Setup instructions

From static builds to Docker containers, FeaturePeek Teams supports various types of frontend architectures.

  • 1. Install our GitHub App on your org
  • 2. Check-in a config file to your repo root
  • 3. Ping our service after your build phase in CI
  • 4. Open a new pull request and celebrate 🎉

Install our app on your GitHub organization. This lets us listen to webhooks and gives us permission to comment on your pull requests.

Check-in a config file to your repo root. For each project you want on FeaturePeek, check-in a peek.yml file to your repo root. You can track an unlimited number of projects on FeaturePeek.

Ping our service after your build phase. Tell us when your pull request builds are ready by pinging our service. Our single-line command works with a number of CI platforms and container registries.

Open a new pull request. That's it! Every new pull request opened will have a corresponding FeaturePeek deployment.

Product FAQs

How does FeaturePeek work with frontends that require backend services to display correctly?

You can set environment variables to be the base URL of existing backend services that you host. Each FeaturePeek project has a namespaced domain that you can whitelist in order to allow CORS or OAuth callbacks.

Do people on FeaturePeek team need to be in my GitHub org?

Nope! You can invite anyone you'd like to your FeaturePeek team, and they'll have access to your running deployments. Our GitHub App can even comment on pull requests on their behalf, so they'll stay in the conversation.

My app's frontend is very complex... how will I know that it will work on FeaturePeek?

We've seen apps big and small running on FeaturePeek. Contact us if you have any specific technical questions; we have experience with many different frontend architectures.

Which Continuous Integration services and container registries are supported?

As of writing, we support AWS CodeBuild, Azure Pipelines, Buildkite, CircleCI, Cirrus CI, CodeShip, Docker Cloud, Drone, GitHub Actions, Heroku CI, Jenkins, Netlify, Semaphore, TeamCity, Travis, and Wercker; for container registries, we support Amazon ECR, DockerHub, GitHub Packages, and Google Container Registry.

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