Built for

UX Designers

See your designs come to life earlier in the development cycle.

Annotate directly on the implementation itself

Just like how tools like Figma and InVision let you collaborate on design, FeaturePeek lets you collaborate on implementation.

Take screenshots of an element on the page, and it'll be saved as a comment on the pull request, even if as a designer you don't have a GitHub account.

Annotate the website

Be more included in Engineering's release process

FeaturePeek gives you a lens inside the web development lifecycle so that your entire team can have a holistic understanding of features as they get built.

Leave reviews on your team's frontend with FeaturePeek so that your feedback can be on your developers' radar.

Foster discussion among teams

See your designs come to life earlier in the release cycle

With deployment previews in their arsenal, your frontend developers will ask for your feedback sooner in the sprint.

No more late requests for implementation feedback right before a release.

Design tools

Fill your designs with real production data

Sometimes in theory a design can be sound, but when met with actual live data, the design can break.

Test your designs with real data earlier in your sprint so that you can catch and fix things otherwise overlooked.

Test features

Block features from being merged if they aren't up to par

With Veto Power, you'll have the ability to block a new feature from deploying until its quality meets your standards.

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