Built for

Project Managers

Prevent last-minute scrambles at the end of your release cycle.

Save time during your release cycle

Catch mistakes earlier in the release cycle, before code lands on the master branch.

Since each implementation on FeaturePeek runs in isolation, your team will run into fewer integration bugs when deploying to production.

Save time during your release

See a birds-eye view of your team's works in progress

Keep tabs on your team's progress without bothering them or asking for status updates.

All open pull requests for all your projects are visible in the FeaturePeek dashboard.

Birds-eye view

Shorten feedback loops between Design and Engineering teams

Tighten the iterative process of software development by giving your team the tools they need.

The closer your designers and developers work together, the more confident you'll be in the quality of the release.

Shorten feedback loops

Run other branches without checking out locally

Stop dev server, checkout branch, install dependencies, restart dev server... Sound familiar? Reviewing your team's work shouldn't be so interruptive.

With FeaturePeek, every branch is waiting for you in a dedicated environment. Running a branch is as easy as visiting a link.

Review feature branch

Recognize and reward team engagement

Sometimes reviewing a release takes all hand on deck.

FeaturePeek's leaderboards show who in your team is the most engaged in leaving constructive implementation feedback, so you can give credit where credit is due.

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