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Why your deployment previews need to be collaborative

September 21, 2020  ·  4 minute read

How UI/UX teams are ignoring their biggest communication challenge

Written by Brad Johnson
Head of Marketing

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“FeaturePeek offers a simple and convenient solution that supplements our code review process and makes visual QA much faster and easier.” - Kay Mok, Developer, Sanctuary Computer

🤦‍♀️ Most UI/UX teams are ignoring their biggest communication challenge

While some organizations scramble to incorporate design-thinking into their everyday business practices, web agencies and other technology-driven businesses have already adopted design processes and tools into their everyday operations.

But even the most design-savvy organizations tend to completely ignore their biggest remaining communication challenge, and developers are left holding the bag. That’s because for all the design and collaboration tools in existence, none facilitate the final stage of the design process, when development teams undergo a series of reviews and iterations of the still-in-development UI/UX, collaborating with designers and project managers to ensure successful project delivery.

Without tools to gather feedback on deployments in a timely fashion, frontend developers end up cramming last minute feedback, bugs, and scope changes from stakeholders at the end of the development cycle. Not only does this create stressful time crunches, but unachievable deadlines due to last-minute feedback can lead to corner-cutting on implementation details, code instability, and unreliable applications.

💬 Bridging the developer-to-designer collaboration gap

Project management software like Monday.com, Trello, Clubhouse, JIRA, and many others help project managers communicate requirements and track project status. Design tools like InVision, Zeplin, Figma, and Sketch make it easy for designers to give frontend developers the information they need to create digital experiences from wireframes.

But what are developers supposed to do when they need feedback on a pull request from other stakeholders in the design process? Send them to GitHub?

Web platforms like Netlify offer deployment staging, but existing testing and deployment preview solutions are not collaborative, and they’re locked into specific platforms. And good luck getting timely feedback from non-engineers. Existing solutions do nothing to bridge the disconnect between design and engineering teams.

👊 The easiest way for UI/UX teams to review and leave feedback on frontend code

FeaturePeek is a collaboration tool that shortens feedback loops between project managers, UI/UX designers, and frontend web developers. Christine Kim, a developer at Sanctuary Computer, describes “we’re a team of design-oriented developers, and FeaturePeek has been an incredible tool for collaborating with designers throughout the development process. Designers can easily click on a FeaturePeek link, follow the progress of a project, and catch quality issues early on.”

Another developer at Sanctuary Computer, Conor Davidson explains that the team at Sanctuary Computer “built something like FeaturePeek for our company. Easily previewing PRs has become an essential part of our workflow. [But] we switched over to FeaturePeak from our own software and are not looking back. Y’all built exactly what we wanted, plus more.”

FeaturePeek plugs in with familiar tools, like Github, Trello, Clubhouse, and Monday.com, so you can continue to use the services that you’ve come to know and love. FeaturePeek fits into your existing CI pipeline, and works with all frameworks and hosting providers.

📈 The ultimate collaboration tool for frontend developers

FeaturePeek Teams, our tool for enterprise and agency development teams, gives UI/UX developers all the features they need get feedback from stakeholders and keep projects on schedule.

  • On-demand deployment previews let you see your build on another machine before committing to the main branch
  • Floating UI overlay for deployment previews makes it easy for your reviewers to leave great feedback
  • Third-party integrations with all your favorite tools like GitHub, Monday.com, Trello, and Clubhouse
  • Stay logged in to the web app you’re testing while you jump from deployment preview to deployment preview
  • Get your reviewers’ browser metadata automatically when they comment on a screenshot or animation
  • Copy edit mode makes it easy to try out text copy edits on the fly

  • Easily measure distance between elements, take screenshots of bugs, record animations, and more

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FeaturePeek teams is ideal for teams of all sizes, so no collaboration challenge is too big or too small. Learn more at featurepeek.com and follow us on social media @featurepeek.

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